Scaling Your Bitcoin Mining Farm: Challenges and Solutions

When looking to expand your Bitcoin mining farm, there are a number of challenges to navigate. Firstly, there is the issue of finding additional capital to cover the cost of the expansion. Expanding a mining farm requires substantial capital investment as the cost of purchasing additional mining hardware, cooling systems and electricity can be significant. […]

Energy Efficiency in Bitcoin Mining: Tips for Reducing Costs

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Bitcoin Mining One of the key challenges of Bitcoin mining is its high energy consumption. The mining process requires significant computational power, which translates to a substantial amount of electricity usage. As more miners join the network and the difficulty of mining increases, the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining continues to […]

Choosing the Right Mining Pool for Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin Mining Pools Before we can set about choosing the best mining pool, it is vital that we first understand them. Essentially, Bitcoin mining pools are platforms/ collaborative groups where members combine their computational resources to increase the chances of successfully mining Bitcoin. The rewards are then distributed among the miners based on their […]

Minerset’s Next Co-location Site: South Carolina 30MW

Minerset is proud to announce its attractive South Carolina 30MW Bitcoin mining site which is now accepting interest from Bitcoin miners with deployment needs. Minerset: An industry veteran Since its inception in March 2017, Minerset has been a resounding force in the world of Bitcoin mining, having provided hardware and infrastructure sales of over $200 […]

Minerset January update

Since New Years day we’ve seen the Bitcoin price rise from mid $16K to almost $23k. Is this the start of a bull run, is it a fakeout, is it stop hunt for the shorts? We don’t know, you don’t know, it’s impossible to know but it’s a welcome respite from the lows at the […]

EU to end crypto tax breaks and wants blockchains to show energy-efficiency labels

Members of the European Union must be ready to block crypto mining, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm responsible for introducing new legislation, said Tuesday as the region prepares for an uncertain winter. The EU is also developing an energy-efficiency label for blockchains as the disruption of gas supplies from Russia leave some fearing […]

Global hashrate: why it is going up when it should be going down

The recent global hashrate spike in a bearish market and with margins becoming more competitive due to increased energy and difficulty with bitcoin not quite taking off again, is a major topic of debate. There is no certain science but we can analyze the market and the pools to validate what is happening Arrival of […]

District of New York approved Celsuis request for restarting BTC mining

Since July 2022, Celsius Networks stands at the crosshair of United States officials after reports of bankruptcy surfaced, which risks losing the live savings of numerous crypto investors. During the second day of the case hearing, chief bankruptcy judge Martin Glenn, Southern District of New York, approved Celsuis’ request for running BTC mining and selling operations as a means […]

Brazil could pass tax exemption bill for crypto mining done with 100% renewable energy

Brazil is getting closer to regulating cryptocurrency assets and virtual asset service providers (VASPs). The cryptocurrency bill, identified with the number 4.401/2021, is set to be addressed this week, alongside other time-sensitive bills.  The current bill is the result of the combination of two different projects as part of the work of its proponents, who wanted to […]

Minerset at Mining Disrupt 2022

Mining Disrupt 2022 has come to an end! We want to use this post to thank the event organizers, sponsors and everyone who made this event possible, to all of our existing and new clients for investing the time to come by our booth, we’re always excited about new opportunities to work together. We want […]

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