Hosting Facilities

Minerset hosting facilities tick all the boxes when it comes to safe, secure and reliable hosting services. All Minerset mining farms & hosting partners are tried and tested and provide the following:

Full setup

We’ll setup and link your miner in our dedicated hosting facility

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the status of your equipment from anywhere at any city.

Earnings To Your Wallet

Your earnings are delivered straight to your wallet.
All in one

Our hosting plans include electricity and maintenance costs.
24/7 Support

Always on hand, we’re available to answer your questions and ensure your mining equipment is always running.
Temperature, Dust and Humidity Controlled

Our dedicated facility is optimised to provide a stable operating temperature for mining at all times.

The Minerset Mining Farm in Niagara Falls USA

Minerset Holdings LLC is a crypto-mining and blockchain infrastructure venture focused on building and operating large-scale mining facilities and advanced data centers in the U.S. market.

The first site is a decommissioned power plant in Niagara Falls, N.Y. with over 50MW of installed power and its own substation. The facility — developed as a JV with North East Data LLC — was completed in record time and is currently operating with all new generation mining hardware (ASIC and FPGA).

Site Highlights

In 2020 Minerset Holdings LLC & North East Data LLC deployed over $12,000,000 USD to convert their Niagara Fall facility into an advanced data center.

Video Tour

Get a closer look at our facility in this video from NBC Chicago

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