ISW Holdings Discusses Significant 2022 Revenue Potential

ISW Holdings, a company where Minerset is shareholder in, CEO Alonzo Pierce confirmed in an interview it sees significant revenue potential, reaching $7 million a month in the near future.

“Do you believe you will be able to generate $7 million in revenue per month moving forward?”, asked Jolly. “Yes,” said Pierce, adding that the Company also has pods being moved to the location from Pennsylvania. “Collectively, the company is going to be in a great situation.”

“How is your company contributing to the green mining of Bitcoin and will the North Carolina and South Carolina sites be more focused on renewables?”, asked Jolly. “The states of South Carolina and North Carolina are some of the most renewable energy properties in the country, which is why it is such a hot commodity right now,” explained Pierce.

“What are you and your team most proud of in terms of accomplishments for 2021?”, asked Jolly. “Hard work pays off,” said Pierce as he elaborated on how the Company faced COVID challenges, while also moving forward with their projects and raising their stock price. “When you put your funds to work, not in your back pocket but to work, you have no choice but to have results.”

To close the interview, Pierce expressed his confidence in the potential of the Company throughout 2022 and encouraged listeners to keep up-to-date on their current and upcoming projects.

Full interview here

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