ISW Holdings launches 200MW Southeastern US Bitcoin Mining and Hosting project

ISW Holdings in which Minerset is shareholder has announced via a press release it is pleased to update current and prospective shareholders as the Company begins live mining and hosting operations for its 200-megawatt Bitcoin mining and hosting project.

In partnership with Bit5ive, and Bitmain, the company has already powered up the first eight POD5 units at the site. Each POD5 unit contains 280 mining rigs now actively mining Bitcoin.

Once fully completed, at current energy price spreads and agreements, this first 20MW Phase is expected to generate nearly $9 million in annualized revenues for the Company. Management expects to begin building out phases 2 thru 10 starting in April, targeting 200MW of power across 200 POD5 units, each driving 280 state-of-the-art mining rigs, by January 2023.

read full press release here

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