The US has been knocked off its top slot for influencing the world’s crypto economy

Thanks to its booming crypto economy, positive legislation, and the world’s second-highest percentage of the crypto-owning population, Singapore has taken the top spot. The country also has a clear government strategy and regulations to provide reassurance to crypto-shy investors.

At number three in the list is the US with 1,821 Bitcoin nodes, 25,956 crypto ATMs, and it has the only crypto exchange listed on the stock market (Coinbase). The US lost its number one spot due to uncertain legislation around the currency.

Around 8% of the world’s crypto owners live in the United States, topped only by Singapore and El Salvador. 

China passed a ban on crypto trading and transacting, formally ending its involvement in the crypto economy and relinquishing its position as the world’s most prolific Bitcoin mining country.

Source: Zohnet

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