Minerset’s Next Co-location Site: South Carolina 30MW

Minerset is proud to announce its attractive South Carolina 30MW Bitcoin mining site which is now accepting interest from Bitcoin miners with deployment needs.

Minerset: An industry veteran

Since its inception in March 2017, Minerset has been a resounding force in the world of Bitcoin mining, having provided hardware and infrastructure sales of over $200 million dollars. Minerset is a well-established player, acting as a hub for all Bitcoin mining needs from sourcing the latest mining hardware to providing secure logistics and energy infrastructure. 

Introducing the new South Carolina 30MW Power Project

Situated in South Carolina, this 30MW project revolves around an 80MW facility.  The facility is allocating 50MW to a solar panel manufacturing plant and 30MW to datacenters. 

The project is structured as a 5-year lease agreement, offering exterior and interior space for 40 pods. The capex plan focuses on Tier 0, 1, and 2 infrastructure, including electrical systems and advanced cooling solutions, for air, hydro and immersion systems.

A Strong Energy Foundation

The project’s PPA has an all-in rate of $0.0432/kWh. It is a grid-tied PPA spanning 15 years, with 5-year lease renewals. Notably around 60% of power generation in South Carolina stems from green energy sources such as nuclear, solar and wind .

The site owner plans to deploy a significant solar power generation on-site, as well as natural gas turbines to provide reliable back-up energy and sales to the grid.

A Vision Shared Through Joint Venture

Minerset Solutions believes in the power of partnership. We can provide clients white-glove tailored service or a do-it-yourself approach. Contact us for more details. 

A Vision Realized: December 1st launch date

The South Carolina 30MW Power Project is slated for full energization by December 1st, promising versatility with air, hydro, and immersion deployment options. The combination of green energy sources and fully redundant power generation sets a precedent for sustainable mining practices.

Now Accepting Indications of Interest

We are now accepting indications of interest from individuals and entities interested in partnering with us on the South Carolina 30MW Project. If you are looking for a forward-thinking and sustainable mining opportunity, we invite you to reach out to us at Let’s join forces and shape the future of mining together. Don’t miss out – contact us today to explore partnership possibilities.

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