Bitcoin mining causes power grid issues in Kazakhstan

Besides trading digital assets, Bitcoin mining is another way to make huge profits in the crypto market. But the activity is not for the faint-hearted they need a lot of resources to pull it off and offer services to crypto traders. When China announced that digital assets mining had been banned in May, many people were hoping it was like the previous ban. This is because the country had tried at one point and failed as miners continued their activities. However, the miners moved their operations out of the country into other states, with Kazakhstan being a major welcoming party.

Since the previous report by the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, Kazakhstan’s hash rate has climbed a further 43%. Although all things went quiet after miners shut down their rigs and leave China, things are taking shape with the figures returning to April’s position. Even if Kazakhstan’s hash rate remained unmoved during the period, it would now be around 28.2 TH/s instead of 19.7 TH/s.

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