Blockfusion and Minerset start $6M Niagra Falls site expansion

First images and videos are now available of the Minerset & Blockfusion Niagra Falls site expansion. A $6 Million dollar investment has been made into the project to further expand operations. Currently the Minerset  is focused on building and operating large-scale mining facilities and advanced data centers in the U.S. market. Pod 2 and 3 of the project will be ready in 60 days

The first site developed by Blockfusion USA is a decommissioned power plant in Niagara Falls, N.Y. with over 50MW of installed power and its own substation. The facility — developed as a JV with North East Data LLC — was completed in record time and is currently operating with all new generation mining hardware (ASIC and FPGA).

  • Multiple buildings on site totaling over 220,000+ square feet
  • Fully staffed repair and R&D center on premise
  • A.I. lab operating 24/7 with the world’s fastest FPGA super-computers
  • Power cost subsidized by grants and tax incentives already agreed by the city of Niagara Falls, NYS and the federal government.
  • Secure perimeter and 24/7 security camera system (both indoor and outdoor)
  • 2 cooling towers and liquid ammonia cooling system available
  • Redundant network with multiple fiber providers on site
  • Located in an Economic Opportunity Zone (EOZ)

Read more about the Niagra Falls site here

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